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Team Kimpossible has decided as a team we are going to “sponsor a survivor” for the Tampa Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. All of you who have participated in a 3-day event know first hand the amazing community that surrounds the event. Unfortunately there are survivors out there who have never experienced that and have no idea the incredible amount of support they have through the 3-day. Because of this, we want to dedicate ourselves to introducing a survivor to the 3-day by helping them raise their $2300 minimum and “holding their hand” through the event so they can experience first hand the magic of the 3-day.

Future survivor candidates should be from the Central Florida area so they are able to train and fundraise with the team. If you know somebody who may be interested, please use the Contact form from the menu above.

Once we have selected a survivor we will be accepting donations on their behalf to help us make our dream a reality!

Team Kimpossible Survivors:

2010 – Lesli Mather

2011 – Great news! We have selected a survivor to sponsor for the Tampa 2011 3-day for the Cure! We are honored to have Lisa Cline accept our offer to sponsor her this year! See our blog post about Lisa here. To donate, please click the pink donate gift picture on this page. Thank you for helping make our vision a reality in 2011!